AFGHANISTANI CUISINE is absolutely delicious and if you have not tried it, you have to head to NAAN & KABOB NOW! LIKE I MEAN NOW..lol

Their New Location is now OPEN in Mississauga and the interiors are absolutely gorgeous.

From their beautiful tables to their fabulous green plant wall bank to their orange ceiling design, everything is SO INSTAGRAMABLE!

Check out their DROOLWORTHY Food with FOODSHEIKHA (MOI) in these super awesome shots taken by the one and only #INSTAHUBBY @Foodsheikh_ca

We tried a lot of things from their menu and my favorites were:

N&K Mix with Tandoori Kabobs, Chicken Kabobs, Chicken Kofta, Chaplee Kabob, Naans, Salad, & Qabli Rice

Mantu which is hand-formed dumplings, filled with sauteed onions and ground beef, drizzled with season yogurt, split peas and more filling

Chicken Qurma which is Chicken Breast chunks cooked in Afghan style tomato sauce.

Tots recommend this FANTISTIC EATERY to satisfy your AFGHANI FOOD CRAVINGS

We obviously took the food away as due to COVID indoor dinning is still restricted. We enjoyed the food in a park as it was a gorgeous day!


πŸ“90 Annagem Blvd –> NEW!! – June 1st Opening day

πŸ“1801 Lawrence Ave

πŸ“Scarborough Town Center

πŸ“1780 Markham Rd

πŸ“62 Laird Dr

πŸ“691 Yonge St




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