Homemade Hot Chocolate with Orange Zest!

🍫 Since the day I tried this particular HOT CHOCOLATE @fallnleavesto, I fell in love β™₯
I have been craving it since but never had all the necessary ingredients to recreate it at home. Sometimes, there would be no milk, and sometimes no whipping cream.
During the holidays I was blessed to be able to spend some time in Montreal with my sister and that’s where I noticed she had all the ingredients available to make that perfect cup of HOT CHOCO with ORANGE zest and everything!
I just had to make this and man it turned out so amazing, I was actually proud of myself 😊
Here is what I did:

🍫 I found big Chunky pieces of Salted Caramel chocolates in her pantry. I’m sure she got those from the Bulk Barn.
🍫 I took a sauce pan, heated a cup of milk on low. I’m sure you can use Oat Milk or Soy if you are lactose-intolerant.
🍫 I added around three big chunks of the salted caramel chocolates to the saucepan. Make sure you are using low heat as chocolate burns very quickly.
🍫 I then took an orange and added some zest to the milk and Choco mixture. The amount of zest depends on how Orange-gy do you want your Hot Choco to taste. I added a small teaspoon-ish.
🍫 Once all mixed, melted and nicely, I pour out the mixture into a nice glass mug.
🍫 I added whipping cream on top.
🍫 I sprinkled some more orange zest on top of the cold whipping cream
🍫 I then added a few shavings of chocolate on top of that and VOILA!
I swear it was better than any pre-mixed Hot Chocolate you would EVER have so try it at home. These chilly winter days seriously call for a good mug-a HOT CHOCO!
Do you agree???
πŸ“Έ : @foodsheikha_ca
πŸ“ : Montreal
🏞 : Quebec, 🍁
To keep up with our foodie journey follow #foodsheikhers 🍲
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Zesty Orange Hot Chocolate

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