Entertainment World Village

Have you been to the Entertainment World Village in Doha?


The Entertainment World Village is a great initiative to boost tourism in Qatar and also gives the residents plenty to do during the weekend. The entrance is only QAR 15 per person and it has so much to offer! The location of the Entertainment World Village is between Pearl and Katara (just beside Diplomatic Club); there are sufficient signboards to direct you to the right location and incase your lost, you can follow the large Ferris wheel (Freij Wheel).

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There are tons of rides for children, teens and some really scary rides for the brave ones out there. There are also tons of games that you can play and win for yourself unique soft toys. Most importantly, when you are tired and hungry, there are tons of options that are available for you to feast on. You have plenty of unique coffee shops such as Addition and Secret that serve all kinds of specialty coffees and ice creams. Incase you are craving typical Egyptian Koshari, Layali Zaman can serve you hot delicious koshari and great meat hamachi. If you are craving juicy burgers you are in luck because they have plenty options such as Exit 55, Waffle Factory, Rare Burger, Dr. Chef and Pasturger.

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We strongly advice you to try the Beef Waffle burgers at Waffle Factory, as they are unique and tasty. Asian Cuisine serves homemade Filipino food to cater to the Asians. Make sure you leave some space for dessert because there are tons of options such as Waffle Factory, Tiger Cookies, Cake & Coffee, Cup & Spoon, Happy Chocolate and traditional Regag. We highly recommend the pistachio Tiger Cookies along with the small mini pancakes from Happy Chocolate.

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Once you fill your stomachs, it is perfect to digest it out in the Freij Wheel (Ferris Wheel) where you can enjoy 360 views of Doha. Don’t forget to check out the different counties available for mild shopping and entertainment.

Check out our highlights on instagram on @foodsheikh_qtr and @foodsheikha_qtr to enjoy the full dining experience of everything available at Entertainment World Village. If you have not already been, head down there this weekend and enjoy time with your friends and family while the weather is still pleasant!


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