Hakkasan – Chinese New Year Menu Review

Chinese New Year festivities are in full swing as families are coming together to celebrate this propitious occasion. To rejoice this auspicious year of the Dog, Hakkasan Doha is offering a delightful menu with delicacies will tantalize your taste buds with the most exclusive Cantonese cuisine you may have ever experienced! Hakkasan is known for their dedication to Chinese cuisine and this year their menu lives up to that promise once again.

We entered the beautiful low lit hallway that leads to Hakkasan’s sliding entrance door. The first thing that caught my eye were the beautiful red notes hanging almost on every wall in the restaurant. At first it seemed as part of the Chinese New Year decorations but as they flipped with the cold breeze of the night I noticed each red note had a message written on it. We were later advised these are wishes or thoughts written by many of their diners in the auspicious spirit of the Chinese New Year. Such a wonderful and thoughtful idea, I was already excited to write mine at the end of my meal.

Thereafter the special menu  was presented and we instantly admired the design and the simplicity. Paul the General Manager of the restaurant gave us more insight on the menu creation for the Chinese New Year special. The dishes presented were selected as part of a competition between Hakkasan’s regional chef teams where they presented their exquisite dishes to a panel of judges in London who then tasted each entry and meticulously selected the best of the best for the special Chinese New Year menu. How exciting right? It’s like they had Hakkasan’s own Master Chef Challenge!

Our Hakkasan journey started of with a Happy Daisy, their special cocktail offered as part of their menu. What truly intrigued me was the egg white which presented this creaminess that complimented the mandarin jam so beautifully in this drink.

Happy Daisy – Tanqueray No. 10 gin, Galliano liqueur, lemon, spiced mandarin jam, egg white and soda water

Then came a trilogy of Small Eats all very different but gorgeously presented with exciting flavors.  My favorite (which was very difficult to choose as they were all so delicious) was surprisingly the Braised beef and caramelized walnut with asparagus and mint. That beef just MELTED in my mouth like butter I kid you not!

Braised Beef and caramelized walnut with asparagus and mint

The Crispy scallop in sweet plum sauce with mango in golden cup was very beautifully presented. The crunchy shell loaded with the flavors of the scallops, the mango and plum sauce made a well balanced appetizer.

Crispy scallop in sweet plum sauce with mango in golden cup
Crispy Scallop in sweet plum sauce with mango in golden cup
Szechuan Oyster with lotus root with crispy rice in mantau

After devouring the delicious small eats, we moved on to the mains. The four mains in the menu are all beautifully crafted and present a mix of fish, lamb, lobster accompanied by fried rice. Each dish was as exquisite as expected but the star dish for me was the Baked Chilean sea bass with kumquat glaze. Each bite was heavenly, from the glaze to the perfection of the texture of the fish, it was marvelous!

Baked Chilean Sea Bass with kumquat glaze

Special mention for the Abalone fried rice in bean curd wrap with shiitake mushroom as I found this dish to be so innovative and it worked as a perfect companion with the other mains.

Abalone Fried Rice in bean curd wrap with shiitake mushroom
Organic Lamb in seaweed soy with celery and enoki mushroom
Wok-fry native Lobster in superior stock with edamame and caviar

The dessert was the epitome of a very delicious sweet ending to a remarkable meal. It consisted of ginger caramel, roasted macadamia and lemongrass. I mean tell me that doesn’t sound mouthwatering to you! And the Golden Coin which appeared at the top of this dessert was crafted using an actual fortune coin. One of their staff members had an original fortune coin which was used to create the mold for the chocolate coin. Therefore, this dessert was not only delicious but auspicious as well.

Golden Fortune – Ginger caramel, roasted macadamia, lemongrass

The entire journey at Hakkasan Doha was a spectacle of bursting flavors with a very satisfying ending.

General Details:

Cost – QAR 488 per person.

Dates – This extravagant Chinese New Year special is on until 4th March 2018.

For more details please contact Hakkasan Doha at +974 444 6017 or email at reservation.hakkasan@stregis.com


Note: We the FoodSheikhers have reviewed this product/experience by our own will and our opinion has not been influenced in any way or form. Please be advised this experience was offered to us on complimentary bases.


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