New York Fries now open in Qatar!

Qatar has opened doors to its first NEW YORK FRIES outlet!


A global food item that is loved by everyone around the world, French Fries (though not created by the French)! A plate of pommes frites as they say in France was actually first ‘fried’ in beautiful Belgium.


As the story goes, villagers living in Meuse Valley who use to catch small fish and fry it as a meal had no food during the winter months as the fish would freeze. During this time these poor villagers turned to another easy source of nutrition, Potatoes! They use to cut and fry the potatoes in the same way as the fish, which gave birth to what we know today as French Fries!


And now in Qatar, New York Fries have taken French Fries to a whole new level. This Canadian franchise truly knows it’s potatoes especially as they are famous for their Poutine, which is fries and cheese curds topped with steaming hot gravy. New York Fries offers such simple and amazing mixes. Be it their Nacho fries loaded with yummy toppings and sour cream or their Butter Chicken fries for those spice lovers, it’s all so devouringly good!


New York Fries is now open in the Mall of Qatar’s food court serving up a storm of fresh, REAL potato fries! It’s a must try for those potato lovers!

Do try it out and share your feedback below 🙂









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