Sabai Thai Review


Sabai Thai you took us back to beautiful Thailand!

The Westin Hotel and Sabai Thai are so beautifully made, from the interiors to décor; from the ambience to the lighting it’s all so delightful!


It was such a perfect experience for a romantic candlelight dinner, it was date night and we had been talking about Sabai Thai since a few weeks. The structure of Sabai Thai looks like a traditional Thai monument from afar. The entrance welcomes you with a huge gong which you can play (we did it :)). As you enter, there is a gorgeous Thai lady playing a musical instrument welcoming you with a smile. They have comfortable indoor and outdoor seating paired with wonderful décor, love the dimmed lighting and lamps used.

We were seated outdoor as per our preference in no time. We absolutely loved the sound of the waterfall while we were dining. Our server was a sweet lady named Angel who was very kind and prompt.


For drinks we had the fresh young Coconut Juice, which was authentically served in a coconut. We later asked them to scrape all the yummy coconut creamy goodness for us and they did it (so yummy and fresh), it was perfect!

We then ordered the Green Curry with Chicken and eggplants, always ask for less spicy unless your threshold for spicy food is really good. Other than the over spice, the flavours of the green curry were fresh and rich. We also ordered the Pad Thai with shrimps, tofu and been sprouts which came with a nice fancy presentation netted with an omelet but the taste didn’t tickle our tongue. The really cool and traditional thing is that they give you unlimited steamed Jasmine rice with your meal, which we loved.


The portions are great and can be easily shared. The pricing is reasonable considering it’s at the Westin Hotel. The staff was very friendly and excellent with suggestive selling.


Overall, this was a satisfying experience and we would love to come again and try their other Thai Delicacies!

Restaurant Name: Sabai Thai
Location: The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa
Cuisine: Thai

Food taste: 7/10
Service: 9/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Value for Money: 4/5
Menu: 4/5
Food Presentation: 4/5
Wow factor: 3/5

Total: 40/50 = 80% (Highly Recommend)

Tell us how your experience was ??


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