Expectations from Eggspectation

fullsizerender_7Heard a lot about this place and finally decided to make it a Friday afternoon brunch time visit!

Eggspectation is located at the Pearl in the Medina Central area. From the outside the place looks just about all right. As soon as you enter (perhaps it was Friday afternoon), the restaurant was buzzing with full tables all around. Luckily we only needed a table for 2 so got one right away. I was super excited 1.) because I was starving and 2.) because this is a Montreal based restaurant so its very “Canadian” (proud Canadian moment *smiling with glee*). As soon as we were seated we got the menus which are bound to confuse you on what to order as everything sounds super yummy. I mean, 100% pure Canadian Maple syrup on anything means its about to give you a foodgasm!!!

We decided to go for the BBQ Burger, which was grilled, to perfection, medium rare, with slices of crispy beef bacon and onion rings. They have an option that lets you add a sunny-side-up to your burger and its complimentary. This burger was out of this world! As soon as you bite into it its like an explosion of flavours, super juicy and succulent!


We also ordered the Heavenly Crepes which were filled with grilled chicken which was juicy and not dry (usually Grilled chicken can be very dry if not cooked perfectly), sautéed spinach and mushrooms (I LOVE MUSHROOMS) but the best part was that they were also loaded with cheddar, Swiss and Gruyere cheeses…. loveeeeed it.


I also had their freshly squeezed orange juice. It was so fresh I could taste the pulp! They also had choices of grapefruit and carrot juices on the menu.


Overall this place is awesome, yes a bit over prized but the food does justice to that fact!

Try it for yourself!
Food taste: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Value for Money: 3/5
Menu: 5/5
Food Presentation: 4/5
Wow factor: 3/5

Total: 41/50 = 82% (Highly Recommend)


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