Casa Paco Review

Restaurant Name: Casa Paco
Location: Porto Arabia 22, The Pearl
Cuisine: Spanish

Food taste: 2/10
Service: 4/10
Ambiance: 3/10
Value for Money: 1/5
Menu: 1/5
Food Presentation: 2/5
Wow factor: 0/5

Total: 13/50 = 26% (Don’t Recommend)

I went for the Iftar with a bunch of friends to discover that even though I reserved a few days in advance, they didn’t bother to give me good seating. The food was tasteless, dry and absolutely NOT Spanish. Most of the items were out of cans or frozen. Re-filling items took forever and the French lady (manager or cashier) was rude when she asked us about our feedback. The place looked dull, messy and the staff were mostly rude. My wife asked for a fresh scoop of ice cream instead of having the melted one from the display and the staff refused and made a big deal about it. Once again, zero customer service!! Don’t recommend (at least for Iftar) and so not worth the time and money.


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