Al Huda Bakery & Snack Review

Restaurant Name:Al Huda Bakery & Snack
Location: Salwa Road
Cuisine: Lebanese

Food taste: 5/10
Service: 6/10
Ambiance: 5/10
Value for Money: 4/5
Menu: 3/5
Food Presentation: 2/5
Wow factor: 3/5

Total: 28/50 = 56% (Average)

The entrance is impressive as they showcase a big bread making machine! The place smells fresh and appetising. I asked for a Chicken cheese garlic Manakeech and they gave me a cheese pizza with garlic paste on the side. I wasn’t too happy with the service but the food was OK. I had higher expectation on the bread quality but they were average. Nothing was great and nothing was bad. It was light on the pocket so it wasn’t a waste of money. I wouldn’t go back just for the restaurant, but I would grand a bite again if I was in the neighbourhood.


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