The love of wholesome food!

We eat three times and day and all of our meals are said to be essential for our well being. Hec, I say you must add in that extra tea or coffee break just to give your well being a mid day kick start! Yet, when it comes to people’s busy life styles, jobs, businesses and what not this all seems to go down the drain. Gone are the good old cooking days, now mothers and wives and highly relying on those home deliveries, take aways and quick dinner meals.

It is totally understandable why this happens in the world. But when and if one gets an opportunity to create magic in the kitchen, you must! The feeling of creating a great meal from nothing is so delighting. Yes it consumes alot of time and alot of after math of dishes and what not, but you feel like an artist!

Cooking is an art and it gives me such a calm and satisfied feeling. I love the sizzle of fresh garlic or the heated bubbling of melted cheese. Indulging in your own creations is one of the greatest culinary feelings!!


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